Exploring the life to find out the answer to the question Tell me about yourself, which does not include my profession…


I am Yash Patel, 23, from Ahmedabad, India. Though my body doesn’t show, I love to eat. Want to explore something new about food? I am just a ping away. There was a time, I used to share a lot of write-ups on social media. Though I don’t share it now, I have not stopped writing. I love to write. I always believe that Your Social Media Presence is as much as important as your Social Presence. Though I am very active on Social Media platforms, it is nowhere near to my closeness with family and friends.

Part of their selfie in Lenovo > On the other side of video call in iPhone

To give a life to my passion – Food and Technology, I have launched online platform DiGiTAL BiRYANi which helps Digital Community to boost their digital productivity. On this platform, I serve the best digital content that includes digital tips, tricks, hacks, etc.

Last but not the least, I am a Software Engineer by profession, working as an Alfresco Certified Engineer.

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